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Meets cost effective 
rapid crop production 

needs for food, fiber, reforestation, 

reclamation, pharmaceuticals & beautification.
Grow vegetables, 




Plant health control biotechnology that is 


ecologically friendly. 

ODC will help reduce the world's reliance on 


Aeroponics International's 
test results show a significant reduction in plant disease and pathogen infection. This data has been 3rd party verified.

A new unique company 
with revolutionary technologies. Our science advisory board  is compromised of esteemed ag researchers.
NASA and Aeroponics International  conducted a low gravity biotech pathogen research experiments on the MIR Space Station in September 1997.

Rapid Propagation Biotechnology Micro propagation Effluent Recycling Greenhouse Production References Tissue
New biotechnology that reduces tissue culture and green-house crop planting and production from 14 steps to 
2 steps.
Meristem & explant propagation is now easier and faster do advancements made by Aeroponics International. This
includes seed germination too!
Re-use agricultural
waste water 


this new unique computerized


Perfect for
enclosed growing
environments and
arid countries.
Commercial green-

who need 

rapid crop expansion 

now rely on 

our large 

scale Aeroponic Systems.
There are over 1,500 Aeroponic growers
worldwide use our technology.  Read what trade magazines and these growers have to say!
See for yourself a side by side comparison of the advantages of using our advanced technologies vs. traditional methods.

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January 2003

New product line up for 2003
Mini-hydrocontroller for those small aeroponic projects

Low cost Digital Timer for repeatable spray duration and interval

Accumulator tank holds 2.5 gal (9.4L) @ 100 psi

Comnmercial Hydro-controller with Digital Timer and Sensor port

Consulting Services

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January 2003

  • New Products - here are some of our newest additions to our catalog
  • pH Meter

    TDS Meter

    Bacteria Test Kit

    Pesticide Test Kit


    Liquid Filled PSI Gauge

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September 2001
  • Our Newest Product Ozone Generator : Purify water, nutrient solutions, and air. Eliminate pathogens-destroys bacterial and viruses upon contact.

August 2001

July 2001
September 2000

August 2000

July 2000
  • As seen on TV! ODC Plant Growth Promoter & Enhancer NOW featured on the HOME SHOPPING NETWORK 
    • go to HSN and search their TV site by entering 'Aeroponics' in the keyword search or
    • Order from HSN by phone ask for
                • Item # 228527 HSN Price $18.50
                                          Aeroponics Plant Growth Enhancer LiquidConcentr 
                                          16 Oz treats 1000 plants 
                                          To Order Call 800-933-2887 
  • US Patent Office grants ODC patent - patent covers Beyond as well! All natural non-toxic and pesticide-free!
  • On-line ordering is also available from Media Enterprises
  • Customer Testimony

February 2000

January 2000

December 1999

October 1999
  • New product!  High-effeciency Light System now available for indoor growing
  • NASA announces Aeroponics International is a recipient of a 1999 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) NASA grant for a Low-mass Aeroponic System for High Performance Food Production.

September 1999

August 1999
Retailers be sure to see
ODC Plant Growth Promoter & Enhancer
at the
International Hardware Show
August 15-18th
Chicago, IL
McCormick Center  (East Building)
booth # 30406

April 1999
  • ODC testimony letters and photos - here are some from students in Texas

  • March 1999

    February 1999

    January 1999
    • New! Sensors and Technology Products for making Aeroponic growing more efficient - including CO2 sensors, Wireless Transmitter and Receivers Modules and Development boards, and Photo voltaic Solar Panels 

    November 1998

    October 1998
    • All of our Aeroponic Systems now include a Nutrient Recycling Station - at no extra charge! This closed loop option lets you reuse all of your nutrient and water when growing plants and vegetables to maturity. We've made Aeroponic growing easier and more cost effective.

    September 1998

    July/August 1998

    April 1998
    • The Pesticide and Plant Disease Information Page with articles and news related links - removed

    March 1998

    February 1998
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    January 1998
    ODC has been proven effective as a plant growth enhancer and promoter !
    Tested aboard 
    NASA's space shuttle & the Mir Space Station 
    and in many other gardens too!

    Just for 16 ounce -makes 16 gal or more! 

    View our reading list of selected books on the Environment, Organic Gardening, Making $$ from your garden, Ecology,Greenhouse Growing, and NASA & Space - including Educational Aeroponic Videos & CD-ROMs

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