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Hydro-Atomizing Spray Jets & Fittings
High-pressure, low-flow spray/mist jets
  • Perfect any misting/spray application including overhead misting!
  • Special design hydro-atomizes the water/nutrient solution!
  • No clogging or mineral deposit build-up!
  • Easily adaptable for 1/4" vinyl tubing!
  • Tapered treads (1/8 inch NPT)
  • Low profile rigid plastic
1/8" NTP (Male) tapered fitting Molded 1/4 inch Ttee Molded 1/4 inch right angle

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Features: Now available with either a 0.25" or 0.16" orifice

  • Operates best between 75-100 psi (or higher)
  • Extremely Low water usage
  • Solution Delivery rate:
      • 0.25" orifice delivers 0.08 oz. per second (for low water usage)
      • 0.16" orifice delivers <0.04 oz. per second (for ultra low water usage)
  • Impingement design hydro-atomizes water/nutrient solutions
  • Droplet size < 50 micron - penetrates the densest root systems or foliage
  • Nylon construction prevents mineral build-up
  • Designed for clean operation
  • 1/8" NTP for easy installation and maintenance
  • 90 day - warranty 

Hydro-Atomizing Spray Delivery Kits & Vinyl Tubing
Barb & 1/8" NTP Tee Adapter & Jet Black 1/4 inch flexable vinyl tubing - 10ft

Adapter Fittings - Black nylon resists algae and corrosion
1/4 Barb - 1/8" NTP (Male) Adapter TEE - 1/8" (Female) NFT

High Capacity Pumps
- for a true high pressure nutrient delivery
High Capacity Pump Auto On/Off Pressure sensor

Our pumps operate at 75-100 psi. delivering 1.6 GPM (max.)

Power: 115 VAC 1 amp


Automatic Cut-in/out  pressure sensor

Other Features:

  • Operates on demand
  • Automatic sensing for pressure boosting
  • Sealless motor design for long life
  • Quite operation
  • Dry run mode - without damage
  • Self priming (up to 6 ft)
  • Sealed diaphragm construction
  • Polypropylene housing includes check values
  • Perfect for water and nutrient solutions
  • Rotate house/head in 90 degree increments
  • 90 day - warranty
  • Inlet/outlet ports - 3/8" NPT
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Size: 9" L x  4" W  x  3.5" H
  • Available in 115 VAC, 24 VAC and 24 DC
  • 1 Amp
  • Used with an accumulator (pressure tank)
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Hydro-Controllers - Precision release of nutrients solutions

Mini-hydrocontroller for those small aeroponic projects.

Includes: 1/4 inch barb male fittings

Maximum: 100 psi

control: 24 vac (1 amp)

Comnmercial Hydro-controller with Digital Timer and Sensor port

Includes: Transformer

control: 24 vac (1 amp)

Ditigal Timers - Dependable & repeatable timers

Low cost Digital Timer for repeatable spray & setttable duration (3 sec or 5 sec) and interval (up to 120 minutes)

Includes: Transformer

control: 24 vac (1 amp)

Low cost Digital Timer for repeatable spray fixed with 3 second duration and 3 minute interval

Includes: Transformer

control: 24 vac (1 amp)

Accumulator - Pressure Tank
Accumulator tank holds 2.5 gal (9.4L) @ 100 psi 3/4" NTP Male output port

Test Equipment & Accessories

pH Meter

TDS Meter


Liquid Filled PSI Gauge

click here for Quantum Light Meters to measure actual photosynthetic light energy

Other Uses:

  • Drip irrigation
  • NFT
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Overhead misting
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Indoor/outdoor

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