Aeroponic Grown Wheat

Using: ODC Colliodal Chitosan

Increases early aerial vegetable growth and produces more compact root systems!

Client: BioServe NASA Commercialization Center (Boulder, Colorado)
Location: Aeroponics International's laboratory
System: Aeroponics International's RPB system w/ 1 inch plant support openings
Crop: Dwarf wheat
Planting Layout: 1 seed per aeronet & 2 - 20 seeds per aeronet
Root Temperature: Proprietary
Leaf Temperature: Proprietary
%RH: Proprietary
Mist Interval/Duration: Proprietary
Nutrient Source: Proprietary
Air Exchange Rate:  Proprietary
CO2 Rate: Proprietary

Photo Group #1

Day 3


Wheat seeds 
start sprouting.

Day 7

Shoot Development:

Day 7

Root development:


Day 25

density - 
20 wheat seedsper 
1 sq. in. (2.54 sq. cm):

See Photo Group #2

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