..High Efficiency Light Arrays by AgriHouse - NASA Funded

AgriHouse's hi-efficiency Light arrays
  The  New safe standard for 
  Aeroponic Environments     
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  One of the highest photosynthetic 
  outputs  per watt lights on the 
  market today! 
 Unlike LED lights (see LED Warning), our NASA developed Light Arrays are 
  1. safe for human eyes (including pets),
  2. our light arrays reveal true plant colors and health of all plants,
  3. and our light arrays inhibit insect infestation.

NASA (flat panel)  High Efficiency lighs eliminate the need for a greenhouse.

Developed under NASA research

Full spectrun high-efficiency light array with high photosynthetic output. Can your current light do this?

Hig level of photon flux output

per watt

(means greater energey savings)

  • Equivalent to 1/4 sunlight (Colorado, USA)
  • Dual Spectrum Filtering (UV and Infra Red)
  • Low wattage
  • Cost effective to operate
  • Position within inches from the plant
  • Will not burn plants
  • Light weight construction
  • Includes white reflective dome
  • Separate ballast included
  • Long bulb life
  • Wide angle light beam
  • Exclusive moisture resistant design
  • Includes reflector & suspension hardware

....Other Exclusive Features:

  • SAFE for Childern & Pets
  • Reveals True Plant Colors & Plant Health
  • Inhibits insect infestation

Models and Specifications

Compact Butterfly& Single Panel

Light Arrays



  • 20 inches wide
  • 24 inches long
  • Adjustable Butterfly design
  • 2 panels (2 bulbs per panel)


  • 160 watts (110v)
  • 80 watts single panel available

Photosynthetic Output:

  • 315-500 micro-einstiens M sqd per sec
  • Temperature rise 2°F @ 2 inches from plant
  • 20,000 hours


Adjustable butterfly design (High Capacity BenchTop Unit sold separately)

Flat Panel

Light Array

Light Array: 240 watts

AgriHouse's hi-efficiency Light arrays


  • 14 inches wide X 45 inches long
  • 6 bulbs ea.


  • 320 watts (110V)

Photosynthetic Output:

  • 300-585 micro-Einsteins M sqd per sec
  • Temperature rise 2°F @ 2 inches from plant
  • 20,000 hours



Our newest model

  • 24 inches wide X 45 inches long
  • 8 bulbs ea. @ 320 Watts

Photosynthetic Output:

  • 300-585 micro-Einsteins M sqd per sec
  • Temperature rise 2°F @ 2 inches from plant
  • 20,000 hours
BenchTop Dome
Light System includes: Multi-Air Cooling Ducts to keep out insects and a highly reflective dome cover
High-Efficiency Lighting System to deliver a high level photosynthetic energy to your plants Infrared Protector helps maintain the seed and plant temperature with over heating the plant bio-mass


  • 7 inches wide
  • 7 inches long
  • 1 bulb ea.


  • 20 watts (110v)

Photosynthetic Output:

  • 160-300 micro-einstien M sqd per sec
  • Temperature rise 4°F @ 3 inches from plant
  • 4,000 hours


     We have been asked about LED lights for use with our True Aeroponic Systems,
    LED's (based upon  LASER DIODES) are extremely dangerous to human eyes and pets,
    (even LASER DIODE light from reflective surfaces such as metal and white plastic can cause
    immediate blindness).
   Use only NASA developed Lights Arrays with our True Aeroponic Systems

. For more information on light spectrums and measuring photosynthetic energy click here

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