Sulforaphanes discovered in broccoli sprouts!

Aeroponics can be used to grow broccoli and cauliflower sprouts faster and more inexpensively  than traditional methods.

AP Washington release 9/16/97:
"Broccoli Sprouts are loaded with a concentrated form of sulforaphanes, a powerful cancer fighter", say researchers at Johns Hopkins University. "Studies have shown that eating 2 pounds of broccoli a week - an unappetizing thought to many people - can provide enough sulforaphanes to lower colon cancer risk by half. Earlier studies showed that sulforaphanes, found in broccoli, cauliflower and some other vegetables, prompts the body to make an enzyme that prevents tumors from forming. A 1994 study indicated that cancer development was reduced by 60 percent to 80 percent in laboratory animals fed sulforaphanes extracted from broccoli."

Aeroponic Broccoli Germination:

Broccoli normally takes 10 days to germinate. Using Aeroponics the germination turn-around time is 3 to 6 days!

                            Day 3           Day 6              Day 7
10-25 or more Broccoli seeds per aeronet 
sprout.  aeronets are placed in the 1" Plant 
Support Opening.
 Shoots  1" height / 2 grams 
per aeronet

Aeroponic Vegetable Production
Grow broccoli and cauliflower in days! Grow from seeds or cuttings! Grow mixed crop varieties - save space, time - harvest as needed! Grow in a greenhouse or grow room. Faster growth means more profits!

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