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High density growing like this could not be achieved by traditional growing methods.  Start your basil crop by seeds - they will germinate in days.  Allow the basil to mature in the Aeroponic chamber(s), basil will grow 4 to 5 times larger in Aeroponic chambers compared to soil grown crops.  Harvest the top portion of the crop every several days.

Step #1
Start basil by germinating seeds.  Over 100 seedlings are sprouted in each plant support opening. 
Step #2
Take basil cuttings from branches for expanding into more Aeroponic chambers. Repeat process until all chambers are in full production.
Step #3
Fast Aeroponic regeneration will allow the basil crop to achieve over 4.5 feet in height. Harvest basil from Aeroponic chambers bi-weekly basis for profit

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Broccoli contains anticancer sulforaphanes

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