Aeroponic Components and Accessories

We have complete line of Aeroponic accessories to build your own system

Component Description 
HydroControl Units
Connect to your water supply and timer. Includes 0-100 psi solenoid (24 VAC) and connectors.
Mini hydro-control Standard hydro-controller
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Digital Control Unit 

Programmable Timer. (24-100 VAC). Stand-alone or connect to your computer's printer port. Includes transfer cable, instructions, and transferformer.
Mini Digital Timer Advanced Digital Timer

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Filters & Strainers

These filters are designed clean and purify nutrient solutions. They will help prevent algae and bacteria comtamination build-up. Easy to maintain and service.

High pressure filter housing includes pressure release valve Reusable 5 micron filter - Low pressure strainer housing and mesh filter
Opaque Housing & Filter 100mesh filter & housing

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Water Level Switch / Sensor

Water level magnet switch (24-100 VAC). Use to activate reservoir refilling operation, water level sensing and more. Nylon construction includes dual 1/2 inch male NPT threads.

Water Level Sensor

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Aeroponic Growth Chamber w/ hi-psi jets
Growth Chamber for aeroponic and hydroponic growing. Hydro-atomizing spray
Aeroponic Chamber Hydro-atomizing jet

Rigid ABS construction with161ea.Plant Support Structures (PPS) and hydro-atomizing sprays jets. Ready to connect to your water supply/timer. Use indoors under natural light or sunlight.  Leak-free connections.

Includes: All of our Aeroponic chambers contain 161 individual  plant support structures (PSS) to avoid contamination. Mutliple cuttings or seeds can be placed into each PPS. The rigid design will support plants from germination thru harvesting. Black ABS coating will resist algae built. Easy to handle and clean.  Assembled with 18 ea. hydro-atomizing spray jets for volume germination and propagation. Includes top and bottom sections, breather, drain, and connectors. Operate at 80-95 psi  Size: (45 in. x 16 in. x 6 in.). Available in several sizes.

Plastic Stand
Rigid plastic construction. Easy to assemble and store, chamber not included

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