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Lettuce Production

The company's NASA SBIR research efforts determined a rate of biomass production for lettuce in an horizontal Aeroponic chamber (Fig1). After 30 days of growth the production was compared to previous methods of research. The results of the show that there was 80% improvement of dry weight bio-mass over NFT and soil technologies using Aeroponics. 
Day 10: Lettuce seedlings using Seed-Pads
Gemrination comparison showing the differences in seed-pad density.
Companion plantng: Seed-Pads containing mutliple wheat seeds grown among lettuce plants
Figure 2 and 2a demonstrates the affect of substrate on root biomass development. The thicker substrate (used on the left plant of Figure 2a) is thought to retain more moisture between misting cycles, resulting in reduced root biomass in early development. Together with modified nutrient solutions, proper selection of substrate could ultimately increase harvest index. The study showed companion of other crops including wheat was possible using the same parameters.
Day 25: Lettuce root system during the hydro-atomized spray function
Aeroponics can limit disease transmission since plant-to-plant contact is reduced and each spray pulse can be sterile. In the case of soil, aggregate, or other media, disease can spread throughout the growth media, infecting many plants. In most greenhouses these solid media rsequire sterilization after each crop and, in many cases, they are simply discarded and replaced with fresh, certified sterile media. A distinct advantage of Aeroponic technology is that if a particular plant does become diseased, it can be quickly removed from the plant support structure without disrupting or infecting the other plants. 
NASA SBIR study for lettuce product is available on CD_ROM
. Additionally, the nutrient solution throughput of each of the systems was estimated. shows how nutrient solution throughput in the Aeroponic system is moderate compare to that of conventional NFT and even the soil substrate technologies. 

Our 1998 NASA SBIR study including data, photos and videos is available on CD-ROM. see: NASA / Aeroponic Videos
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