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Click: Zero-gravity aeroponic test fixture for wheat

Aeroponics in Zero Gravity

ODC™ Biocontrol technology proven effective aboard NASA's space shuttle

ODC test fixture for MIR and NASA"s space shuttle Richard Stoner, Principal Investigator, NASA and MIR space station biocontrol  research

Biocontrol results from space - accelerated plant growth

(from left to right)   bean control / ODC treated
Richard Stoner, CEO, shows results of biocontrol tests from NASA's space shuttle

Aeroponics International / BioServe (University of Colorado): NASA
Aeroponic Test Fixture containing wheat being tested under Zero Gravity conditions -
click photo for videos Scrapbook Photos from the test flight

Photo #1

Installing the Aeroponic Test Fixture 
aboard NASA's KC-135 - click photo for videos

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Photo #2

Test engineers with the KC-135 flight crew - click photo for how water behaves in zero gravity.

Photo #3

Test member floats around the Aeroponic test fixture during 
the flight.

Photo #4

Test crew member makes observation 
of the wheat and the Aeroponic mist.

Photo #5

Test crew member making adjustments to the Aeroponic test fixture to increase intensity of the Aeroponic mist.

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