How to use Aeroponics for germination & propagation of plants
Aeroponic demonstration videos: Get RealPlayer and vidoe these videos over the internet.
 Seeds:                                                                              Cuttings:
Start plants from 
 seed or cuttings. 
 Aeroponics is the 
 answer to all 
 your propagation 
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Grow lettuce, 
squash, tomatoes 
and  more!
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Grow to any  stage!
fruiting and
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Harvest directly.
  transplant into
  soil, NTF, or
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Grow more pesticide-free food - faster with less nutrients and water
Aeroponics can
 reduce water and
 nutrient usage!
Increase growing
densities and
harvests anywhere!
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Waldmann's Green leaf lettuce produced aeroponicly - NASA research
Get RealPlayer and vidoe these videos over the internet.Get RealPlayer - free
Additional  info on Pesticide-free growing

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