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Whether you are an Aeroponic researcher, a commercial grower or someone who 
enjoys growing seeds, you occasionally need additional accessories to help 
grow unique plant species from seeds - we have the answer! 
Aero-Nets / Aero-Pads / Seed-Pads Proven effective aboard NASA's space shuttle


Aeroponics International has developed Aero-Nets and Aero-Pads to help you 
rapidly develop your unique crops. These two new technologies can be used for    
vegetative propagation and seed germination. These durable Aeroponic products 
support the growing plantlet and  assist in the plant's development processes.

How to use Aero-Nets & Aero-Pads

Use Aero-Nets for hold many seeds a once Use Aero-Pads for fast germination of all kinds of seeds



Aero-Nets  Aero-Pads

Aero-Nets are suitable for small cuttings or  seeds (2 mm dia. and larger) that will eventually  be transplanted within the Aeroponic system or other materials (while the roots are small). 

Water and nutrients can freely pass through the  Aero-Net while continuously allowing air to  circulate around the developing plant(s). 

Multiple seeds or plantlets can be placed in each 
unit. Different lengths are available. Aero-Nets help maintain micro levels of moisture thereby enabling you to reduce spray delivery intervals and increase oxidation rates. 

Aero-Nets are made of plastic coated nylon fibers. They can be cleaned and reused. 

Aero-Pads are suitable for even the smallest seeds and micro plants that will be grown full term. aeroMats are made of plastic coated nylon fibers that are welded to a special degradable cellulose material. 

Aero-Pads allow plant roots to rapidly penetrate and expand through the cellulose to it's exterior. Aero-Pads will not inhibit the plant's expanding root system. 

Aero-Pads retain larger levels of moisture thus allowing the seed(s) or vegetable cutting(s) to soak up more moisture with fewer spray intervals during the initial development and germination phase. ODC may be used to incresase growth of certain plant species including potatoes, wheat, rice, barely, beans and many other crops


Sterile media with balanced moisture retention and air exchange for hi-density 
yields. Seed-Pads fit firmly in the Aeroponic plant support structures. Seed-Pads 
provide a flexible support of any type of seed from germination to harvest. 
Below - our NASA lettuce research photos (also see Aeroponic Lettuce Production)    
Aerial View Root view
Day 3: Lettuce sprouts from Seed-Pad
Day 3: Tap roots extending into the soil-less environment
Companion plantng: Seed-Pads containing mutliple wheat seeds
Seed-Pads allow  seed to form a natural root system
Day 25: Edible lettuce
Day 25: Lettuce root system during the hydro-atomized spray function

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