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WHAT IS Aeroponics?

Aeroponics International's patented Genesis Series Aeroponic System provides plants with an enclosed air and water/nutrient ecosystem, that stimulates rapid plant growth, without soil or media.
Additional Aeroponic System Features 
  • Repeating Interval & Durations
  • Short or Extended Spray Periods
  • Water Level Sensing
  • System Status
  • Computer Interfacing
  • Nutrient rich environment
  • Hydro-atomizing spray jets 
  • Maintained by a micro-chip
  • Programmable 
  • Propagate and grow plants in days without soil!
    Large installations include nutrient and water recycling equipment
    Hydro-atomized spray delivers nutrients and mositure in droplets of 50 microns in size


    :Step1. Take cuttings from mature 'mother' plants and insert into the aeroponic chamber Over 400 individual rooted tomato cuttings in just 10 days! 'Cherry' tomatoes - ripen in less than 30 days!
    Step 1: Take cuttings from mature 'mother' plant and 
    insert them into the Aeroponic growth chamber.
    Step 2: Add nutrients and ODC. The Aeroponic
    process develops full root system in 10 days!
    Step 3: Harvest tomatoes directly from the chamber in less
    than 30 days! No need to transplant to soil or other media.

     The plants can be started from vegetative cuttings by placing them in the openings on top of the growing chamber.

    The stems are suspended in the growing chamber. Seeds are started by placing them on a special mesh holders in the growing chamber. Click here for Aeroponic Seed Germination Accessories

    The microcomputer controller releases a pulsed hydro-atomized spray mixture of water, nutrients and growth hormones into the enclosed air environment of the growing chamber.

    The microcomputer supplies the timed spray intervals and duration for the plants.

    The plants rapidly develop root systems and grow in a moist air-rich environment. Just lift the chamber top to see how they are developing.

    The hydro-atomized spray provides just the right amount of moisture to stimulate the plants allowing it to be turgid as it develops. Click here to see how it works!

    Research shows that even tomato cuttings with fruit and flowers continue to develop and grow as the root system forms on its stem.

    How many plants can be propagated in the GENESIS SERIES Aeroponic SYSTEM?

    Each growing chamber has 161 openings (1/2" or 1") specially designed to support the plant cuttings or seeds. The grower can place 1 to 5 cuttings in each opening and root them in days (depending on species)!

    Plants do not stretch or wilt while they are developing their root system. After several days the root system begins to develop. The plants can be easily removed without damaging their delicate root system for transplanting.

    What about disease such as damp-off?

     The Genesis Series Aeroponic Systems provides the plant with a clean sterile environment that greatly reduces the chance of spreading disease, as found so often with other growing media. Unlike traditional soil methods, Aeroponic plant densities can greatly be increased due to the sterile conditions of this advanced technology. The Aeroponic system can easily be cleaned and reused many times, over and over again.

    What type of plants can be grown in the GENESIS SERIES Aeroponic SYSTEM?

     The system can grow many different plant species and cultivars including nursery stock, vegetables, bedding and houseplants. Researchers, commercial greenhouse growers and nursery operators have tested and grown successfully hundreds of different plants.

    Can the ROOTED Aeroponic PLANTS be TRANSPLANTED into soil media?

     Yes. Plants are easily removed without damaging the root systems and transplanted without transplant shock or setback to normal growth.

    The transplanted air developed roots adapt themselves readily to almost any type media, including hydroponics. They can even be transplanted directly into the field.


    Can the GENESIS SERIES Aeroponic SYSTEM grow my plants to MATURITY?

    Yes. The Aeroponic system can grow herbs, vegetables and flowers continuously to allow the grower to obtain yields like never before. The system is perfect for indoor grow rooms and greenhouses.


    What are the ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES of using the GENESIS SERIES Aeroponic SYSTEM?

    This system is extremely economical when compared to traditional methods of growing plants due to the high yields and how fast plants can be grown in the system.

    The system has been proven to aid growers in optimizing rooting on easy-to-root and hard-to-root plants. This technology will provide an environment to maximize the overall total yield of healthy root cuttings.

    Faster growing times and higher yields are achievable when compared to traditional propagation methods such as pots and beds. Traditional propagation relies of sterilized soil media, who must be re-sterilized or re-potted, with fresh media after each propagation cycle.

    Can Aeroponic technology be utilized to grow my plants for harvesting?

    Yes! Not only can you germinate plants from seeds in this Aeroponic system, you can also propagate the plants from vegetative cuttings.  You can even leave them in the system for harvesting, as shown in the above block diagram of the system's functions.

    Is Aeroponic technology ECOLOGICALLY BENEFICIAL?

     Yes! Aeroponics International offers a complete line of Aeroponic systems including RPB (a replacement for tissue culture) as well as water recycling technology for a closed loop system. All micro-nutrients and water are recycled; water loss is cut by 99% when compared to traditional methods.

    Is Aeroponic technology easy to install?

    Yes. The system is completely modular and you can increase the number of Aeroponic growing chambers as you need them in series anyway you want them.. You can grow cuttings or seeds quickly to multiply and expand your crops. Plant and harvest from the system aeroponic chamber

    Have INDEPENDENT LABORATORIES TESTED this Aeroponic technology?

     Yes. The patented Aeroponic technology has been tested by universities, government agencies, and over 1,500 commercial greenhouses since 1983.

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