Home Business - Grow plants for profit & fun!

We have everything you need to start your own home business
I sell AgriHouse's BEYOND product to people who stop just to see my garden. It is such a wonderful product and its all natural too!

Grow plants in NASA proven technology!

Grow plants fast without soil. All natural

Vegetables, herbs, flowers, houseplants & trees
Expand your system as your sales increases

Grow hundreds of plants in a high density

indoor system & start making money today!


Low electric bills

Better than hydroponic growing

Fast way to revenues

Speciality Foods

No greenhouse needed

Green wonderful tasting foods and herbs - no greenhouse required
Grow vegetables, flowers & herbs
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Stop wasting water!

Stop using pesticides!

Start making a difference

Don't waste that water - grow with aeroponics and reuse every valuable drop

All you need: heated room, garge or basement

We supply the rest - an all natural process

Selling food has never been easier

Food prices are right for making a profit

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Grow and make $$$ anywhere
Grow many types unique peppers Sell BEYOND and ODC - make money by showing people honest results Grow flavorful  tomatoes
Grow and sell fresh flowers and houseplants Show me the MONEY! Harvest in days - sell as you thin out to make room for more plants
Start fruit trees and shrubs from cuttings and sell bare rooted plants Grow many types of herbs 'Cherry' tomatoes - ripen in less than 30 days!