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BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™
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BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™
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BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™
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BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™  Proven in space and on earth in hi-tech agricultural and irrigation systems. Now avoid in a 3x solution - 236 ml concentrated solution.

Qualified for use under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). 


BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™ is earth friendly, natural, and safe for indoor/outdoor use. Use in aeroponics / hydroponics / soil based growing.  Used by organic farms & growers worldwide since 1997.  The results.. increased germination, sprouting, foliage, flowers, fruits, biomass and crop yields.  

APPLY to roots....get results

BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC drip irrigation at 6 wks BEYOND STONER MMJ resin day 15
   BEFORE photo - day 1 ( added to reservoir tank)  AFTER  16 days applying BEYOND Stoner 3x™


BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™ ORGANIC SOLUTION: Trace dosages of this concentrated benefit plants and soil microbes. This product reduces environmental stress in trees, flowering plants, grains, cannabis, and grasses. Water activated. All natural and easy to use with all crops. A little goes along ways... seeing is believing.

 Bio-activation Guaranteed

  • "We'v3 seen wonderful results using your all natural BEYOND products in our MMJ facility here in Denver."  - Registered MMJ Grower
  • "One treatment - ground application of BEYOND, resulted in a significant increase in oleoresin yield (about 40% experiment wide)". - USDA Forest Service 
  • "Customers have good things to say about BEYOND. They getting  a 3 times increase in their MMJ crops using his product in their tanks and reservoirs."  - Registered MMJ Grower and Supply company owner, Salida, Colorado

 MMJ  spray -  irrigation - soil amendment

  MMJ budding - BEYOND treatedBEYOND treated MMJ hybridMMJ treated with BEYOND Stoner3x

BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™   is naturally derived from natural aquatic materials. Contains trace sources of Nitrogen (N) and Calcium (Ca). Proven effective where pesticides can't be used, i.e. aboard NASA's space shuttle, USDA, Sunkist Growers (California) and organic growers worldwide since 1997. 

 MMJ curingMMJ colas BEYOND Stoner 3x All natural BEYOND Stoner 3x MMJMMJ curing BEYOND Stoner 3x

Certified Organic: Non-toxic concentrate. Meets USDA NOP Standards Sec 205.601 for organic agricultural use. This pesiticide-free product is a certified natural plant amendment and qualified for organic use.  Allowed for use in all states.  

Contents & Mix Rates:            BEYOND Stoner 3x ODC™

Contents: Water soluble organic shellfish extract

Certified Analysis:  Colloidal Nitrogen (N)... 0.28% / Calcium (Ca)... 0.05% & Trace Elements

Compatibility: Fully Compatible - easy to mix

Coverage: approx. 1 acre (4,000 sq. meters) or more

Size: 10 fl . oz. (236 ml) concentrate bottle

Mix: 1-30 ml per gallon or more

Concentrated: Makes over 295 gal

Application rate:

        *  Mix 1ml into 1-gal water. Apply often to soil & foliage

        *  Trees and lawns: 5ml per 5-gal solution, apply to soil  3 times or more per year

        *  Add to aeroponic or hydroponic reservoir: 5-15 ml  per 10 gal solution

        *  Irrigation mix rate: Mix 1 ml per 1-gal water, apply with watering

        *  Stressed or unhealthy plants: apply to directly from the bottle to soil

BEYOND Stoner 3x™ 10 fl. oz. (295 ml)


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