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Leaf Sensor and Wireless Device Cloud Package
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Leaf Sensor and Wireless Device Cloud Package
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Leaf Sensor and Wireless Device Cloud Package
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Leaf Sensor, Base Station, Wireless Remote Node PLUS one-year free Device Cloud access - New!

Leaf Sensor and Wireless Device Cloud package.  Full wireless data tranmission to the cloud for leaf sensor voltage readings - solar powered. Ready to use.

Designed for agronomists and aeroponic, hydroponic & drip irrigation systems specialists.

Features: Measures water levels of live plants when used with AgriHouse's Leaf Sensor and transmit to the base station making all the data available on the cloud. Access leaf sensor, temperature and battery status on your computer, Ipad or Android device. Transmit 0-9 miles mesh network.

Easy to Use: Simply affix the Leaf Sensor to a healthy plant leaf and begin monitoring the indirect measurement of leaf turgidity (moisture level) using the solar powered wireless Romote Node (capable of handling two leaf sensors).

Applications (partial list):  Earth & Plant Sciences / Irrigation Control / Water Management / Weather Stations / Research / Education / Agronomists / Consultants

Benefits:  Measure leaf moisture levels (leaf thickness) and sap flow in real time - know when to water!


  • 1 ea. Leaf Sensor
  • 1 ea. Soil Mositure Probe
  • 1 ea. Base Station (DLS connection)
  • 1 ea. Wireless Node (solar powered)
  • Free One-year DeviceCloud  ($129 value)
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Instruction CD-ROM

Add second Leaf Sensor for $289.95


Optional Equipment from AgriHouse

Introductory Price/ea: $1459.95  Limited Offer

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Leaf Sensor Wireless Device Cloud package. Wireless data transmission to the cloud for leaf sensor moisture readings - solar powered. Ready to use. Includes Leaf Sensor, Base Station, Remote Wireless Node and one-year free Device Cloud access.


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