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Solenoid with Digital Timer
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Solenoid with Digital Timer
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Solenoid with Digital Timer
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Solenoid with Digital Timer

Solenoid with Digital Timer and  for precision irrigation control with fail-safe mode. Allows for fail-safe mode if disconnect occurs. Connects to the LS-DAQ Interface or Benchtop DAQ Module.

see Leaf Sensor Video 


   *  Digtial Timer and Solenoid 

   * Transformer(24vac)

   * Cable (12 ft.)


    • Size: 3.5”L x 6”H x 2.25”W
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Setable  intervals: :3/10/20 minutes
    • Setable  durations 3 or 6 second
    • Compatible with LS-DAQ Interface or Benchtop DAQ Module
    • 1/8" Inlet and Outlet ports
    • Available Digital Outputs per Leaf Sensor: 2 ea
    • 24VAC Transformer
    • Solenoid: 0-500 psi
    • 1 ea. 24VAC Port
    • 12 ft cable 

Optional Equipment from AgriHouse

For more info visit & Leaf Sensor Blog

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Solenoid with Digital Timer for precision irrigation control. Allows for fail-safe mode if disconnect occurs. Connects to the LS-DAQ Interface or Benchtop DAQ Module. Solenoid specs: 0-500 psi


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