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Review the sections below for specific information on how to use the functions available on our online store.

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  • Use your credit card with PAYPAL. It's fast & easy.
  • Use PAYPAY to purchase all your biocontrol products!

Credit Card 'AVS Error': It means that the address that you entered on the transaction does not match what your bank has on file. Suggestion - call your bank and update the address information they have on file for your credit card and try reordering your items.

Exit: Click on Exit to leave the online store.

Mail Orders: We accept mail orders paid by money orders, certified checks and personal checks (please allow ten days for personal checks to properly clear). Click on the Terms tab and follow the instructions for sending your order in by mail.

New Customer:  If you are a first time customer: please enter your name, new & confirming password , telephone number, city, state, zip and country. Your information is confidential. 

Order Status: You can retrieve your order online by simply logging in. Your order will be listed by order number for easy online viewing. Click on the order number to view the order status.

Payment Option: To order simply select your Payment Option and click Submit.

Shipping: Our shipping charge includes a handling fee.

Shipping & Handling: Your information will be used to provide shipping and handling charges for your order.

Sign In: This feature is available for returning customers. If you have forgotten your password simply request it be sent to you by email. First time customers must provide a email address and password to finalize the order.


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Need a PayPal account? visit
Use your credit card with PAYPAL. It's fast & easy. Use PAYPAL to purchase all your biocontrol products!


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