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Description: The Water-Cycle System is the first commercially available processing and filtration system designed for use with Aeroponic greenhouses and indoor grow rooms. Water-Cycle is a modular closed loop, multi-stage, bio-active water recycling system. When used in conjunction with the Genesis Series Aeroponic System water usage can be reduced down to near zero water evaporation loss. In addition, these combined systems will provide the optimum fresh water quality for rapid plant growth.

Features: The Water-Cycle System reprocesses all effluent water, filters out plant matter and decaying materials, pasteurizes it and pressurizes the water to handle as many as 200 growing chambers. The system is completely modular to allow system integration as you expand your Aeroponic facilities. The Water-Cycle is a water recycling system you can trust. It will provide years of service with low maintenance. The Water-Cycle consists of the following modular component:

Applications: Used to regulate, recycle, maintain the proper water chemistry for a fresh water supply to the Genesis Series Aeroponic System. It will help achieve optimum plant growing conditions and conserve water and micro nutrients as shown in Block Diagram: Genesis Series Aeroponic System & Water-Cycle Layout.

Individual modules may also be used to provide the necessary water to meet Aeroponic specifications on an as need basis.

Advantages: Plants grown in the Genesis Series Aeroponic System utilizing Water-Cycle will regenerate and develop 50% to 75% faster than those grown without the use of the Water-Cycle. It maintains the necessary balance of water chemistry for rapid plant growth. It will provide a high pressure water supply containing an optimized pH and micro nutrient chemistry for the Aeroponic process to promote proper plant development. In addition it will conserve water and micro nutrients to make the Water-Cycle extremely cost effective for plant propagation. The functions are shown in the following block diagram.

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