Potato Production Technology

Potato Production Technology utilizing MITI Tubers and  ODC
AgriHouse's agri-technologies
 Researched & Developed under NASA funding
The Company's agri-technologies are clearly the solution for many 
of the ills that face agri-culture and crop producers today. 
The AgriHouse's proprietary and patented agri-technologies address 
a wide range of problems and offer viable cost effective solutions 
for minituber and improving the field performance of disease-free
minitubers, seed potatoes and commercial potatoes as well as other 
Two new 21st century advantages to increase quality, yields,
reduce pesticides usage and conserve valuable resources.

MITI-TUBERS™ Aeroponic Production and ODC Yield Enhancing Agent
MITI TUBER Production - no tissue culture need or soi needed. Plant and harvest tubers from the aeroponic chamber

Yield and more #1's on Alfa potatoes treated ODC.

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Leaf Sensors

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