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    True Aeroponics
NASA's Review
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  AgriHouse's  NASA
   developed True
  Aeroponic Systems
    and Light Arrays
     produced 80%
   more dry weight
     bio-mass per
     sq meter using
  75% less nutrients
    and water than
      NFT or soil.
    - NASA 2009

Asian mixes / Micro-greens / Peas / Herbs Bean / Corn / Rice / Wheatgrass / Basil Lettuce. /.Onion / and Many More!

Featured Article: Growing Edge Magazine>

Indoor Yield: over 2.5 lbs per sq ft per month


Grow AnyWhere Air-Foods Facility Featured in Growing Edge Magazine 2009 and the amazing benefits of Aeroponics

Aeroponic Air-Foods™ Urban Farms

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USDA Hemp & BEYOND™ with BEYOND Plant Amendment

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