Our complete line of Aeroponic Systems

Soil-less Air Growing, Germination & Propagation Tools

Commercial Aeroponic Systems & BenchTop Units with CLAS™ Technology

Grow Plants in Air - No soil needed

True Aeroponics™ means no baskets or tubes - its all about pure air surrounding the roots so they grow larger without limiting plant size

True Aeroponic™ System

A horticultural propagation tool for commercial growers, researcher, universities, schools and the home gardener

True aeroponic technology for any growing businesses... no matter the size

Leasing plans now available Additional Benefits:
  • Reduce water usage by 98%
  • Reduce fertilizer usage by 95%
  • Reduce pesticide usage by 99%
  • Increase crop yields by 45% to 75%
  • Grow in area not previously tillable!
  • No dirt require

Genesis Series V Aeroponic System 6-pak

Aeroponic chambers are expandable

Find out more about this thing called Aeroponics!

Nutrient Delivery Features: 
  • * Repeating Interval & Durations
  • * Short or Extended Spray Periods
  • * Water Level Sensing
  • * System Status
  • * Computer Interfacing or Stand alone
  • * Nutrient rich environment
  • * Hydro-atomizing spray jets 
  • * Maintained by a microchip
  • * Programmable
Propagate and grow plants in days without soil!
Hydro-atomized spray delivers nutrients and mositure in droplets of 50 microns in size
Large installations include nutrient and water recycling equipment
Other Features & Options
  • 360 Degree Access
  • Easy Root and Leaf Zone
  • Zone Monitoring
  • Rigid Support Structures
  • Closed Loop Operation
  • Multi-crop Plantings
  • Dual Germination/Propagation Capability
  • Contamination free growing
  • Maximized Crop Density
  • Oxygen Activated Bio-massing
  • Ozone Auto-cleaning
  • Easily Adaptable of all Types of Lighting Systems
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Designed for Rapid Crop Turn-around
  • Year-around growing
  • Nutrient solutionTemperature Control 
  • Auto-Refill 
  • Stem & Root Zone Separation
  • Vapor Control
  • Effluent Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Single or Multiple Supplements 
  • Low-maintenance and ease of operation
  • Plant and Harvest

    Simply open the chamber for easy access. Propagate tomatoes as they flower and bloom - harvest from the chamber
    Insert, root and transplant to pots or your garden or field. Air activated root development for rapid growth

    Transplant air rooted plants into soil without transplant shock! Air roots will increase the survival rate of your transplant!

  • Designed for greenhouse and  artificial environments
  • PLANT LIST with propagation times
  • Proven technology used by over 2,000 growers worldwide 
  • Grow hundreds of species of plant, trees and shrubs
  • Proven effective to increase growth by NASA
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