Sun-Light Series™ 400W Flowering Induction Grow Light and Ballast

Sun-Light Series™ 400W Flowering Induction Grow Light and Ballast


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We set up a large commercial farm using these grow lights. No light is more economical. This is because the wide par light quality is stable for almost 15 years of continuous use! See how much better induction lights work here:

400W induction lights can sell for up to $1200!  Most are offering them for $800 – $900.  They will last over 12 years when on 24/7. That is 100,000 hours vs. HPS bulbs that need to be replaced every nine to twelve months for a very high cost.

Save electricity too. Three of these lights at 18 inches above canopy will grow as much as 2,000 watts of HPS or MH; which need to be placed higher above the plants due to all the heat! That is a true 40% savings on your electric bill. No bulb replacements! Why use HPS or MH?

Introducing the Sun-Light Series 400W Induction Grow Light.  Better than HPS, HID or LED lighting solutions.  EFDL (electrode-less fluorescent discharge lamps) induction lights run cooler, last longer and offer full spectrum lighting for plants in all stages of growth. Our custom designed, built in the USA reflectors and hoods provide 20% more light to the canopy than competitors.  We have two variations of this light; we’ve invested years of research into our lights so you don’t have to.  Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.  Patent pending.

Flowering Induction Grow Light

• Blooming and flowering plants
• For long and short day plants

Your Plants Will Love You!

Product Details

• 400 Watt Induction Grow Light

• UL & CUL Certified

• Reduces heat to canopy

• High grade aluminum housing

• Plug in ready – No assembly required!

• High Reflection – MIRO4** 95% reflection rate!

• Designed to maximize highest percentage light to canopy

• Oversized shipping box to avoid risk of damage


• Plug-in ready (110v), with 8 ft. Gripple Express adjustable hangers for easy installation and adjustments

• High quality .080 aluminum housing – corrosion resistant for long, durable use

• High purity .032 MIRO4 facetted, aluminum reflector – designed to optimize the highest percentage of light to canopy – lifetime reflector warranty

• Turn on/off as necessary without stressing the bulb; instant start with no delay

• 100,000 hour bulb lifespan; at 70,000 hours, bulb still achieves 90% intensity and quality

• No thermal stress. Built in “heat sink” across the top of the fixture naturally draws what little heat is generated out of lamp; built in vents further cools the fixture – go ahead, touch it and feel the difference!

• Light weight: 20 lbs.

The Sun-Light Series 400W Induction Grow Lights give plants what they need, so you get the harvests you want.


• Induction bulb lifespan: 100,000 hours
• 12 month ballast warranty
• Lifetime reflector warranty
• UL & CUL certified
• CRI >80
• 400W induction light – 2700k
• High light efficacy
• Instant start, no delay
• No glare and flicker
• Covers 12.25 sq. ft. area/3.5’ x 3.5’ (6″ – 8″ over canopy)
• Covers 16 sq. ft. area/4′ x 4′ (12″ – 18″ over canopy)
• IP65 Rated
• Power factor: >0.98
• Ballast working temp: -40F to +1040F
• Input voltage: 120V – 277V
• Product dimensions: 8” H x 17.5” W x 42.125” L
• Product weight: 20 lbs.
• Shipping dimensions: 11” H x 23” W x 46.5” L
• Shipping weight: 33 lbs.